Wood Floors are Classic & Allergen-Free Materials

During the 1980's wood paneling is a popular design for many homes. As a matter of fact, I remember our old house during my childhood having this kind of design from our living room down to our basement. As for wood floors, they seem to look good from room to room and this is just a clear indication that no matter where you install or place a hardwood product, you are assured that it is capable to blend well with its surroundings. Because of the classic characteristic of hardwoods, I consider myself to be one among the millions and millions of people around the world who love and prefer hardwoods for their home enhancements.

Hardwoods are Timeless

When we say that woods are timeless, we simply mean that they never age and change in time. These materials simply stay in style even when many years have already passed from the time they were installed. During the 1950's, the styles of hardwood products have significantly changed, allowing many different kinds of products to enter the market and be of amazing and beneficial purposes to homeowners. As a matter of fact, solid wood floors can now be easily installed in homes that do not have any woods inside. With a simple plywood subflooring, one can easily install hardwoods as their flooring. One can either choose to make use of gluing or nailing for their installation.

Engineered Woods

Engineered floors are extremely popular nowadays. These are special kinds of wood products which are specifically designed for different home uses such as hardwood installation in the basement, above the heating system of a home, or any room which is below grade. With engineered woods, you can have the option to choose from the wide range of selections such as hand-scraped, a special kind of hardwood product which allows you to customize it during the installation. Customization of hardwoods is a great option because this allows you to achieve the kind of look you really want for your wood floors. Through customization, you may choose to have the American Antique Style, Old English Style, barn wood style, French Antique, and many others.

Hardwoods are excellent pieces any room should have. However, it is best to choose the ones that perfectly suit a particular room. Say for example, a kitchen or a living room needs to come up with light-colored hardwoods so that the room would become cheery and inviting. For study rooms or libraries, a darker shade may prove to be something more contemporary. Choosing the right shade of wood would definitely give you results so pleasing to the senses. And since hardwoods are easy to maintain, one gets the assurance that he is stepping over his wood floors which are allergen-free. Cleaning and maintaining hardwoods are as easy as wiping and vacuuming and you're good to go. So if you or any member of your family suffers from allergic reactions, using hardwoods for your flooring is a very effective way to protect your family from these hazardous allergens which are usually found in other types of flooring materials.

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